Tips for the sweetest part of your day (The Wedding Cake)

Weddings are full of decisions. A lot of them are exciting but all have to be thoroughly thought through. An especially tough one can be the cake.  With all of the choices, from the classic white sponge cake covered in white butter cream and fondant flowers to the extravagant assortment of the dessert bar. These tips are to make those amounts of questions you have a little easier.

First things first, think about what you and your significant other likes to eat at night after a long day of work. Is it something sweet, salty, savory?  That little treat that you love is a ticket for success. From tangy key lime pie to the sugary sweet of chocolate with devil’s food cake you can find any flavor that your guests and your own taste buds will love.

Consider your theme. A sleek city scene is in need of something sophisticated and glamorous. Perhaps a little more rustic? A beautiful mountain escape can host a number of wedding treats. Pies and naked cakes are a unique trend ready to make your guests mouths water.

Finally, at least six months out research and taste! All bakeries have a wide range of options that need to be explored. This can be an exciting experience. Always take the time to try some new flavors and indulge in your favorites. There is a world of flavor out there ready to make your wedding perfect.