Thank You Notes

Katie & Brett carriage

An important task immediately following your wedding is to send personal thank you notes for wedding gifts and to all those who made your day easier. We were delighted to receive this glowing note of appreciation from Mr. Don McMullin following Katie and Brett’s wedding.


Just a note to thank you and Myra and staff for such an incredible experience with Katie and Brett’s wedding. The choice she made in venue and the decision we made for day of Planning/Execution was priceless. Your help in contacting vendors, the fact that you had experience with Eric and the Photographer, and the way you worked with the caterers and the videographer we chose was so professional and at the same time personal. Andy Didway, the videographer, said that it was the most beautifully done wedding he has done, and he has done many over the last few years. He stated in the opening of the video that it was like stepping into the pages of Southern Living…

As I said at the end of the evening, I am totally content even now. The feedback from guests and vendors both has been phenomenal and the day was picture perfect. The day has gone down as one of the top 5 in my life and will hold its place forever. Thanks again, and again.

Don McMullin
McMullin / Sabol Wedding
May 24th, 2014

When writing your own follow-up notes, make mention of what specifically made this gift stand out from the rest, so your recipient will know that despite the business of the day, you noticed them and their intent to celebrate with you. A gift doesn’t just benefit the receiver – the true joy is the givers starting the search for the perfect gift, and the anticipation of your reaction upon receiving it. Even if you received three identical sets of glassware, you can comment on how contemporary and popular the design is this year!

Thank you for inviting us to celebrate with you. It truly is an honor. Contact Nicole at Sawyer Family Farmstead at 828-743-5456 for information on making your wedding look like the feature article in your favorite magazine.