Pet Friendly Wedding


Pet Friendly Weddings do exist.  Many venues are open to having your loved one join you. Sawyer Family Farmstead does allow pets to participate in your wedding day.   Your wedding day is about sharing it with the ones you love. So, if it is feasible, allowed, and will not create additional stress, then having your pet share your day with you is wonderful. Before you decide for sure whether or not to invite your pet to your wedding, keep in mind the temperament of the animal, the temperature possibilities on your wedding day, lodging arrangements, travel, level of involvement your pet will have in your wedding day, choosing the right venue, who will be in charge of your pet, and cost. At the end of the day, it is important to not be stressed out on your wedding day, so making a plan and thinking it through is the key to successfully involving your pet! Keep these 4 “T’s” in mind.

1.  Temperament:   If you have a very well-behaved pet, then having them participate in the wedding day is good. If your puppy is hyper, prone to bark or bite, or is not house trained, then you may want to rethink involving them or limit their involvement. What was meant to make your day special may make it a disaster. Keep in mind pets respond differently in different environments, so make sure you know how your pet travels and responds to new surroundings, lots of people, and increased level of activity. Some people may want to consider practicing these situations with their pet prior to the wedding.

2.  Temperature: If you are getting married in the middle of Summer in an area where the climate is humid and hot, it may not be a great situation for your pet. Please make a plan for keeping them hydrated and cool. Some mountainous areas are not as hot as others, so it may be feasible to bring your pet to Summer wedding if you choose the right location. Higher elevations tend to not have as high of temperatures in the Summer as other elevations.  The Sawyer Family Farmstead enjoys having pets at the weddings and is a location for pets as the elevation is higher and therefore not as hot in the summer months.

3.  Timing:  How long and to what extent will your pet stay with you on the day of the wedding?  Determine ahead of time what will work best for you and your pet.  It may not be realistic to keep you pet with you all day, so make arrangements with a friend or relative to help you out or be in charge of your pet.  Just down the road from Sawyer Family Farmstead, there is a beautiful kennel , where they treat your pet like family! Determining your pet’s level of involvement ahead of time is great. It may be helpful to talk with your planner to decide the best way to incorporate your pet in your big day. It is likely that your planner may have worked with pets before and has some great ideas and ways to make it work best. Remember they are the professionals.

4.  Transportation:  If you plan to bring your pet with you, it is very important that you abide by the rules of the place you will be staying. In most areas of the country, you should be able to find accommodations that are pet friendly. It may be limited, but if you plan ahead this will not be an issue. You will also need to plan for space in vehicles while traveling. This may seem simple enough, but if you wait to the last minute, you may have way too many wedding decorations in your car and not have enough room for your beloved pet.

Choosing the right venue is the most important part. It is also one of the first questions you should ask when choosing a venue. If your vision is to have your pet with you on your wedding day, it may rule out certain venues. It may also bring you to the ones that fit you perfect. Sawyer Family Farmstead is a pet friendly wedding venue, is at a high elevation, and has lots of great options for your pet depending on their level of participation.  Contact us today and we can start planning your special day!