Destination – North Carolina Mountain Weddings

Destination weddings will always bring with them some questions McCar (1663)that are specific for each venue and part of the country. Having a mountain wedding typically means giving your guests the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and time away from the “hustle and bustle” of city life.  This is especially true with North Carolina mountain weddings.  With this comes great fun, amazing memories, beautiful pictures, and a few logistical challenges. But as we all know, challenges can be overcome with planning, research, creativity, and communication.


Things to consider and make a priority in your planning process when having a destination wedding:

  1. Location of airports – Guests may fly and it is important to provide airport locations for them so they know which airlines may have the best rates. With large groups traveling, there may also be the option to get a group rate from some airlines. We just recently started working with travel agents to help families coordinate large group travel plans.
  2. Lodging – In the North Carolina mountain’s lodging is something that needs to be planned for because not all hotel chains are close to where you may choose to have your wedding or there may even be a limited amount of rooms. Check with local lodging and see what their policies are for blocking rooms. Some hotel/motels charge a fee, some hold rooms with a credit card, and some do not require anything from the couple blocking the rooms. It will really depend on their policies and possibly time of year.   Checking lodging rates may also be helpful for your guests. Most Wedding websites give you the option to give information about each location and it may save guests time if you tell them the rate you were quoted.
  3. Transportation –   With the beautiful views of the mountains, we also have the distinct privilege of winding mountain roads. This can pose a possible hazard for guests and a huge liability for you if you are serving alcohol at your wedding. It is prudent to provide transportation for guests and most venues will require it. Ask the venue to recommend some great reliable vendors and then do some of your own research.

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