Frequently Asked Questions

Sawyer Family Farmstead Frequently Asked Questions


Top 4:


  1. Is there lodging nearby? Yes, aside from our on-site Farm House that sleeps 15-18 guests, there is lodging available in Cashiers and Highlands. Cashiers is 6 miles away and there are 2 motels, 1 hotel and variety of rental houses. We recommend trying The Cashiers Village Inn. Highlands is 15 miles away and offers many lodging opportunities. Sylva is also an option and is 35 minutes away. We have a list of accommodations and will be happy to share that with you. We have partnered with many local vendors in order to help our couples and their guests enjoy their time in the mountains.
  1. How far out should I book my wedding? Once you choose your venue, book your date. Ideally 6 months to a year is a great time frame to work with. For couples wanting to get married during the Fall, it is important to book a year or 18 months out in order to guarantee your date is available.
  2. Do you allow pets? Yes, we love for you to make your wedding day fit you. We know your pets are special and sharing the day with them is important to you. We recommend you think through this decision and have a plan. First, put someone other than you (bride or groom) in charge of the pet. Make sure you arrange for food, water, and walks to occupy your pet. Decide how the pet will participate and what will he or she be doing during reception. There is a pet boarding place ½ mile from Sawyer Family Farmstead called Dogz Best Friend and you can always work with them to make the perfect plan.
  3. What is included? Our initial package includes a lot of items and we are able to give each couple a print out that lists everything. We also have packages that can be added on to include more. Visit our website for more information on pricing and packages.