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From the music in your ears to the shoes under your dress. The world of weddings is huge. And the options are endless. Even from the day he pops the question you will receive advice from everyone you know and even people you don’t. A few things should never be thrown to the side […]

Keeping Wedding Costs Low

No matter what venue you book an inspiration board is a must.  During the wedding planning process you will be given tons of advice. From traditions to new fads everyone has their word about your special day. You want it to be memorable but as long as it’s memorable to you that is all […]

Wedding Inspiration Boards

Seating charts are not always looked at as a wanted thing by the free flowing bride and perhaps over executed by the more detail oriented bride. But  no matter the bride, all want their day to go smoothly. Not all seating charts are the same either. From a paintbrush at a […]

Say Yes to Seating Charts!

Do you dream of smoky bar-b-q topped with tangy sauce, sides of fresh veggie coleslaw, and warm cornbread at you elegant vintage wedding this summer? The place to start for that dream to come true is your caterer. Of course the sweet ceremony and hip music will be looked forward to but every guest […]

Tips for Choosing a Caterer